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My Tear for London My Tear for London

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Again pulling out the old disaster card....

You say that you dont want it to befit you, and i believe you, but the only reason people dont vote 0 is that it was made right after a disaster, and I am sorry but really dude.. You wanted it to befit you, that is why you put it on newgrounds, so please people stop praying on peoples hearts my makeing bad flashes bout people dieing because really it does nothing and you are just making the anger worse than it already is... The whole reason for the bombing was because of Bush and Blairs plain to go into Iraq. I am very sorry for all the people that have died and I wish they didnt but instead of feeling sorry for the people that are already dead try to stop the death and destruction that is happing for no good reason in Iraq so the Iraq citizens and children, troops that have to follow orders, and more people in future terroist attacks stop dieing. People we have to stop this war before there are bigger and more deadly attacks... Or we can cry over the people that are already dead and just let more people die every day.... I assure you that soon there will be another attack because of fucking Bush and then more will die....

Chips & Pete Chips & Pete

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Amazing Animation

You have amazing animation and art . I also like the cartoony style. There is only a small problm that could make the flash better. The voice acting is a little bit iffy. I i was you i would look for some very good vocie actors after I put all of that work making a good flash. Also the story wasnt to great. I dont really know what you were going for but if you could get front page if it was funnyer. This cartoon was rather dry , and dull. It had a little smirk at the end but that is really it. So in short , get some really good voice actors and make a more funny story and get ready for the awards :)

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LiLg responds:

Hey thanks for the review. always a pleasure reading them. About the vocie acting, i thought it was rather decent (good) :) but i guess a lot of people aren't feeling the vocies.. Thats cool everyone has there own mind

Killer Bush 3D Killer Bush 3D

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work buuuut,

It is really realy good the only problm is that it is not really on ng and most people will not click the link, but it is very well done. I am also workin on 3d animation and if you would like to maby work togeather , AIM me or email me a rindotheraven@yahoo(take this out).com or reply here. I think u and me could make some cool stuff. I could also help u wit file size.

Blackman Dead Blackman Dead

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The poem and the flash are to show a message about racism, but how are people so dumb as to think that a poem like that would help! This poem says that people shouldnt be racist but at the same time is racist to white people. There are so many groups of people nowadays it doesnt matter. Things like this though are things that keep it going. This flash could make somone mad at someone else because of something that happend a long long time ago. We are all the same. If you want to stop people from being racist then stop being racist yourself. Its a two way street you know. If you dont want people to be racist toward you , you cant be racist toward anyone else....

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Papalote++ Papalote++

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just wow

This is one of the best flash movies I have ever seen. Amazing animation, and really good style. It is alot better than things that I see on tv :)